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World Oceans Day

The plastic foam that floats on the ocean surface, even miles away from the coast is just one indicator of the poor health of the marine environment. In study after study, the diagnosis is clear: the ocean is becoming warmer, more depleted, and more acidic. Today, the question is no longer whether these phenomena are causing major upheavals, but rather, at what rate these will occur.

Today, as we celebrate World Oceans Day, dive into our issue: The Ocean, time to turn the tide.

Cafés: a rich blend of cultures

April-June 2023

What is a café if not four walls and a roof impregnated with the aroma of roasting, along with a few cups, saucers, and small spoons lying around on a zinc counter or tabletop? For centuries cafés have become part of the urban and rural landscape as places to meet and talk all over the world. Discover their stories in the new issue of The UNESCO Courier, Cafés: A rich blend of cultures

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Tales of silken times
The UNESCO Courier
April 2023

Silk, a luxury good highly valued in imperial Rome, has given its name to legendary routes where historical and cultural dialogues have been woven for two millennia between East and West.


The UNESCO Courier dedicates a special edition to the Silk Roads on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the The Silk Roads Programme.


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Cafés: A rich blend of cultures
April-June 2023